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We can vacuum pack in various weights to suit individual customers needs







The potting of both fish and meat, one of the oldest known preservation methods, has been practised for centuries. By covering potted food with fat, the air is excluded so the storage life is extended. At first, ingredients were cooked in a pot, cooled, and then covered with a thick layer of suet, but by Tudor times butter had replaced the suet.


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Using an old traditional recipe, originally used by the Silloth Shrimp Company, the shrimp are added to hot spiced butter, cooked then drained and weighed into pots and ‘sealed’ with a good quality farmhouse butter, (shrimp 48g/butter 9g) total weight 57g. The pots are lidded, labelled with best before dates, and then quickly frozen.


to eat and enjoy!

Warm the potted shrimps, and serve with hot toast and a salad garnish – with a wedge of lemon delicious! Alternatively, top a salmon steak or a fillet of white fish with the warm potted shrimps – scrumptious!

Along with the traditional potted shrimps, we now also do garlic potted shrimp! The shrimps are cooked in garlic butter with black pepper, parsley and sealed with garlic butter.  A must for garlic lovers!









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